proskool benefits

ProSkool Benefits to the administration of your School.

ProSkool is a unique, secured School Information Management Software that cuts across every area of school life ranging from registration of students to examination. It is a web-based school application that works both online and offline (i.e. locally on your school network). It is sociable, customizable and user friendly.

As a school that runs ProSkool Mobile App, you can:

  • Send and receive messages to and from the school with notification
  • Parents can view their ward’s attendance, result, class timetable, school bills, payment receipt and termly performance analysis with notification.
  • View school’s calendar
  • Read school news.
  • View photo gallery
  • Read school news.
proskool features

Features of ProSkool APP

Below are some of the features of ProSkool APPs

  1. Easy setup of School Information with features for School name, address, logo, motto, email and website.
  2. Setup of session details with features for stating when the session starts and ends.
  3. Class details with features for class arms, class categories, class-teacher allocation.
  4. Subject details with features for subject categories, class-subject allocation and subject-teacher allocation.
  5. Grade set up with features for stating maximum and minimum score and comments for grades.
  6. ProSkool is easy capture of staff personal data.
  7. Features for creating staff login details (username and password)
  8. Allocation of staff to single or multiple user role.
  9. Easy capture of student biodata, academic information, family information, and medical details.
  10. Smart search for students information
  11. ProSkool features importing students data from excel
  12. Feature for promoting students from one class to another
  13. Birthday alert (for students, staff and parents) with feature for extraction of phone numbers and email addresses.
  14. Easy capture of staff personal data
  15. Allocation of staff to single or multiple user role
  16. Migration of student names as student progresses from class to class
  17. Notification for birthdays of students, staffs, and parents.
  18. Extensive salary configuration settings
  19. Generate and manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee
  20. Accurately computes salary for all employees including loan deductions, tax, miscellaneous addition or deduction
  21. Automated generation of pay slips and payroll which are printable and can be mailed
  22. Excel export facility
peerless-av proxynet communications

Proxynet Communications becomes Peerless-AV Africa Distributor

Peerless-AV has named Lagos-based Proxynet Communications (trading as Content and Solutions Distribution Network) as its new distribution partner for West Africa. The distributor specialises in AV and IT solutions, supplying to customers in the financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, oil and blue-chip markets. The deal with Peerless-AV covers all of the manufacturer’s product ranges, including trolleys and stands, videowall mounts, the Modular Series, indoor kiosks and outdoor displays, and spans Ghana, Coted Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Gabon, Angola, Mauritius, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as Nigeria.

‘Proxynet Communications has been a long-term player in the African AV and IT markets, and have been suppliers of various major display brands for over 14 years,’ said Peerless-AV’s EMEA vice president, Melinda Von Horvath. ‘With the addition of our mounts and AV solutions to the portfolio, customers in the region will benefit from a wide choice of high quality, compatible solutions for their installations.’

In addition to the supply of Peerless-AV products, Proxynet Communications will also rub training events, online marketing activities, sales incentives and customer support for the brand.

‘Peerless-AV is key to our growth and development,’ commented Proxynet Communications CEO Edward Ifeanyi Ozo-Onyali. ‘The brand’s range of mounts and AV solutions are highly impressive, internationally recommended and field-proven, and perfectly match our requirements. We will now be able to offer customers complete value added AV solutions, combining displays with complementary Peerless-AV products.’


ProSkool: School processes made easy (a must-have for your School)

ProSkool is a software solution of Proxynet Communications, an ICT firm that is focused on the deployment of Professional Audio Visual Solutions, Software Development, System Integration, Enterprise Security and Storage Solution.

ProSkool is a unique, secured School Information Management Software that cuts across every area of school processes ranging from registration of students, attendance, students results, payroll to billing, expenditure monitor/records, managing multi-site schools, etc. It is a web-based school application that works both online and offline (i.e. locally on your school network). It is scalable, customizable and user friendly.

Contact us today for a presentation/demo in your school on: +234 9031829347, +234 8177588223, + (233) 302 546 703

ispace summer

iSPACE Summer Fun-tech 2019 is Ongoing

The acronym iSpace means Introduction to Systematic Programming, Animation, Computer Engineering and Electronics.

iSPACE is a co-curricular academic program designed to help Primary and Secondary School students develop innovative and creative abilities and skills that will be useful in other areas of learning and problem solving.

Training is done in the following areas:

Programming (Mobile App Development and Games Development)
Animation – Graphics Character Design and Character Animation)
Computer Engineering – based on CompTIA A+ standard curriculum
Electronics Circuit/Device Design
iSPACE can run alongside a school’s academic calendar or as an after school extra-curricular activity (CLUB).

Students will be able to:

Analyze, invent and program their own Android Apps.
Create their own animation characters and program them according to their own creative ideas.
Design and create computer games of varying themes
Assemble computers, troubleshoot, and handle system maintenance.
Design electronic devices e.g. Phone chargers, Alarm Systems, Auto-Control Circuits, Chaser Light, etc.
And much more,
iSPACVE will get students acquainted with resourceful applications that will enable them express creative ideas. It will also help develop in students a new way of thinking (computational and logical thinking) about problem-solving. It would teach students how to program and invent, thereby laying a foundation for those who will help develop interest in pursuing a career in IT/ICT/Engineering.

Finally, it would inspire students to invent, create, discover and explore.

iSPACE is a product of ProxyNet Communications, a leading indigenous ICT company headquartered in Lagos.

Schools participating in iSPACE club Program:

Grange School, Ikeja GRA
Sunnydale School, Ikeja GRA
Saviours School, Ikoyi